Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Featured Artist

Lynn Edwards Newman, who has been with Art-is-in Market from its inception, is our featured artist for July. Here's how she describes her artistic outlook and process:

"I have been drawing and painting as far back as I can remember. As a child I would create for the sheer joy of it, as well as a method of expressing sadness and pain. This, along with my love for people, is why I studied to become an art therapist. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan State University and a Master of Education with certification in Art Therapy.

"My paintings all emerge from within me and grow out of themselves. It is truly a process that evolves over time. It can take me a few days or many years to complete a painting. Usually I am working on several paintings at one time. I sometimes put a painting away and don’t look at it for days, or even weeks, so that when I look at it again, it is with a fresh eye. The most rewarding times are when a painting just flows from me and there is no separation between me and my work. It literally gracefully flows through me.

"I use acrylic paints and other materials to create my effects. The colors, textures, and images are layered using a glazing technique to create rich hues and values forming shapes and space. Playing with hues, values, and texture create depth and movement. The movement and spatial relationships within the painting make continuous connections. As in life, there are no distinct separations between people, nature, and our environment. I am fascinated by the interdependency of all life forms.

"Creating is a method of self-exploration for the artist and the viewer. No painting is completed by the artist. The viewer completes the creative process with his/her thoughts and feelings responding to each piece. I hope you find meaning in your participation in the creative act."

Lynn Edwards Newman
Artist / Art Therapist

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Abstract paintings

Hand-painted pillow

Hand-painted glassware

The artist at work

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