Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Thanks to all of our friends for making 2010 a resounding success at Laurel Park Place and our new store at Twelve Oaks.  Your enthusiastic patronage supports our local and state economies, and is sincerely appreciated by the more than six dozen local artists who display their unique work in our stores.

Best wishes for a safe, prosperous, and happy new year!

Deb & Bill LaPratt and all of the Art-is-in Market Artists

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Gregory Becker said...

I was recently at Laurel Park Mall and enjoyed the artwork on display in your gallery. I hope to visit again soon. I am an artist also and if there is ever an opening, I hope that to remain in consideration. I primarily work in watercolor but also work in oils and charcoal.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
Gregory Becker